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Gold Max Pink for Female Libido

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Gold Max for Women is the ideal product for anyone looking to increase their libido and heighten their sexual pleasure. These convenient capsules are formulated using 100% natural ingredients and get to work in just 45 minutes - allowing you almost instant increased sexual arousal – if you’re looking for the perfect way to perk up your sex life, Gold Max for Women is the one for you!

  • Gets to work in just 45 minutes
  • Each box contains 2 Gold Max Pink capsules
  • Helps increase sex drive and orgasm intensity
  • Increases your libido
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Convenient size for maximum discretion and ease of use

If you’re a woman looking to increase your sex drive, one Gold Max Capsule is all you’ll need to reach dizzying new heights! Simply take one capsule 45 minutes before sexual activity to ensure increased sexual libido for a night you’ll never forget - and remember thanks to our fantastic next working day delivery service, all orders received before 4pm on weekdays will arrive the very next day!

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What is Gold Max for Women?

Gold Max for Women capsules contain an all-natural formula aimed at increasing female libido and sex drive, allowing women to enjoy a heightened sense of pleasure and more intense orgasms within 45 minutes. This effective formula comes in easy-to-swallow capsules, ensuring total discretion.

When am I able to start seeing results?

As with any natural female enhancement products, the time of impact can vary from user to user – for some users it may take a while longer, but most users report excellent results within just 45 minutes.

How do I take it?

Gold Max Capsules are designed with convenience in mind – simply take one capsule 45 minutes prior to sexual activity, and you could be on your way to a more satisfying sex life!

ProductCapsulesPrice per Capsule You Save Price Add to Basket
Gold Max Pink 2 Capsules £5.50 0% £10.99 Buy Now
Gold Max Pink 4 Capsules £5.00 9% £19.99 Buy Now
Gold Max Pink 6 Capsules £4.50 18% £26.99 Buy Now
Gold Max Pink 10 Capsules £4.40 20% £43.99 Buy Now

Are there any side effects?

Gold Max Capsules are made from completely natural ingredients, sourced purely for their potency and effectiveness so you should not expect to experience any unwanted side effects. Many satisfied customers report fantastic results and we always recommend you use as stated on the packet.

What are the ingredients?

Cistanche Deserticola 85mg, Labisa Pumila 50mg, Rhodiola Rosea 18mg, Radix Angelicae Sinensis 88mg, Fructus Lycii 60.4mg, Radix Astragali 33.6mg. Capsule made from: Pharmaceutical Gelatin, Glycerin, water, colouring E133, anti-caking agents E470b, E551. For a full list of ingredients, please check the box.

How do I order my Gold Max for Women?

Ordering your Gold Max for Women is simple and secure, with all items arrived in unbranded packaging to ensure complete discretion – and thanks to our next working day delivery service, all orders received before 4pm on weekdays will arrive on your doorstep the very next day. To get yourself started on the road towards heightened sexual pleasure with Gold Max Capsules for Women today, simply choose the 'Add to Basket' option.

Customer Reviews
At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (90.3% based on 33 Reviews)

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Service Rating (92.84% based on 310 )

  • * just ordered my new gold max pills, i experimented with the 2 pack and found them to be very usefull so i have just placed an order for 10.. cant wait
  • * ordered mine last week, took one last night, my husband has also been taking supplements from ShytoBuy. we had one of our greatest sessions ever the other day.
  • * anyone who is suffering from menopause should really give these a go, they have made sexual intercorse amazing again
  • * 35 years old and i have been working intensely for the last 6 years, leaving me no time to go out and enjoy myself or meet other people outside of work. because of this i think this has played a huge part in me losing my sexual desires. i forgot how to even think about men i have been to doctors and they have told me to change my diet and lifestyle which is slightly impossible, unless i quit my job... so i resorted to google and to my surprise there was a solution and it seems like there are alot of people in my position. i have only used one pill so far and actually used it while having some alone time. it was great and i can wait to use it with a real human. not a plastic one.
  • * seriously fast acting pills, they say 45 minutes on the website, they worked in 30 minutes for me. win win
  • * i thought that was it for me until i stumbled onto this site and found gold max pink, i have taken 3 now out of my 6 caps and im looking forward to the next time already
  • * when i found these online in the uk i smiled from ear to ear, these are the best female libido pills availble.
  • * i discovered goldmax from a friend of mine who has menopause and uses them regularly to combat the low libido, i recently started feeling less turned on which was quite upsetting, now i have been taking these my libido is way higher and im finding myself turned on alot more often, this is an amazing result
  • * so helpful in my marriage
  • * really hapy with these, husband has stopped being moody and everything has become easier. it just shows how important it is to make love to your partner
  • * men out there who are struggling to get your wife in the mood, these are the ones for you. this little pink pill is literally the females version of the little blue pill! so good
  • * really good stuff, miracle workers
  • * i am super skeptical about these kinds of pills, but the fact that these are 100% natural is amazing and its hard to argue against them. i have been using them now for over a month and everytime i achieve incredible orgasms
  • * i am a middle aged single women who likes to go out on the town, i cant go out anymore without these pink pills.. these have literally changed the game, i even have the confidence to chat to younger men. i am a new woman
  • * this is possibly the best thing i have ever got for my wife, i got them as surprise for her birthday, i wanted us to have a special night, after 1 hour of her taking the pill i got her in the mood which is usually quite hard which ruins the moment, but this time she seemed more willing to go along with everything and it ended in a bang. literally
  • * when i ordered these i had no hope left of having a healthy sex life. that has changed, alot
  • * Hey there, i have been in the porn industry for the last 7 years, this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life but now i have decided to quit, and i am finding it alot more difficult to have sex, i cant get in the mood naturaly, and i dont want to treat him like another actor.. i searched for something natural that i can take which may help me out, i was refered to this and told to check out the gold max pink pills, i gave it a go and in all honesty the results are insane, in a way i wish i knew about these while i was on set, it would have been alot easier than faking orgasms. so now i am comfortable with having sex with my bf, even tho 90% of the time i have to take goldmax, it still is wonderful and a massive help to my sex life and my mood. thank u ShytoBuy
  • * so i have had these sitting in my cupboard for a month and not touched them, my ex bf got them for me as a joke (now you see why hes an ex)... so im seeing a new guy now and was nervous about having sex with him, so when it came to that i decided why not give the goldmax a try, in short it was absolutley amazing, i am only 22 so i dont have the need to take this.. yet. but after taking one of them i feel like now i cant live without it
  • * when i suddenly lost my libido, i thought i was nearing early menopause. But my periods continued. So i saw a doctor and she told me it was due to stress. I took remedies for it but nothing improved. then i read about this pill somewhere I ordered it and after this there was nothing that could stop me from jumping in bed with my partner
  • * my wife and our relationship were struggling with low libido. I gifted these pills to her (thank god it didn't offend her). Thanks to these pills things have really improved and we enjoy together
  • * there is something about these pills that whenever i take them i feel so wet. Haven't had that feeling ever
  • * ordering it for my wife. I am sure she will love it
  • * i lost my fire after the birth of my first child. my marriage was on rocks. I read about it and ordered it. after the first pill only i could feel the difference in my sex drive. i have found my lost libido and my husband back
  • * i was so stress after i hit menopause and lost my drive. this pill have made me relaxed. now i dont have to worry bout my mojo
  • * i thought i could never have great sex again..but thanks to this pill I can still enjoy sex
  • * i can't express my happiness. I didn't believe in this when my friends told me. but now that i am using this myself I knw what miracle it is
  • * Just got my parcel..thank you for timely delivery. I appreciate the plain packaging.
  • * i finally know how orgasm feels like. thanks gold max, thanks ShytoBuy
  • * my husband is happy to see me intrested in sex again. it has completley revived our sex life.
  • * i wanted it to be a surprise for my wife, thanks for sending it in plain packaging
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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