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Gold Max Blue for Erections

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Want to boost your libido, enhance your erection size and improve your performance? With the all-natural and super-effective Gold Max for Men - these handy little capsules can be used when needed to give your sex life an extra kick! The great thing about Gold Max capsules is their convenience – take one as little as 45 minutes before sexual activities for the desired effect, and they can last for anything up to 36 hours.

  • Known to maintain the strength of your erection and overall sexual performance
  • Gets to work within 45 minutes
  • Can last for anything up to 36 hours
  • Adds intensity to your orgasms
  • Discreet and easy to use
  • Completely natural ingredients

Boost erection strength and longevity with Gold Max for Men – this natural formula helps you maintain a healthy erection for anything up to 36 hours, and you can take it as and when required! Thanks to our fantastic next day delivery service, all orders received before 4pm on a working day will arrive the very next day – so you could put a bit of extra spark into your love life in no time at all!

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What is Gold Max and what can it do for me?

Gold Max for Men contains ingredients known to be natural libido and erection enhancers, which can give your sex life a boost as and when needed, unlike other products, which must be taken regularly to have any impact. The capsules are made from all natural ingredients, eliminating the possibility of unwanted side effects. Gold Max for Men doesn’t just help sustain longer-lasting erections and an enviable libido – it is also believed to help many people achieve more intense orgasms, making your sex life better than ever!

What are the ingredients?

Gold max Blue for men uses a blend of natural ingredients to help you enhance your capabilities in and out of bed. All the ingredients are specifically chosen to help boost blood circulation to your intimate regions. Below you will find a few of the key ingredients and how they can help you.

Epimedium Sagittatum 96mg :
A powerful herb in Gold Max that is key inpromoting sexual performance and sex drive. This ingredient helps to release testosterone levels in the body for greater endurance and satisfaction.
Cinnamomum zeylanicum :
Helps to promote emotional feelings that are known to increase physical and sexual appetite. Cinnamon extract found in this formula can help you to increase your overall sexual desire.
Poria Cocus Mushroom 4:1 58mg :
Native to China, it’s a herb that could help to stabilise your emotions for overall better sexual performance.
Codonopsis Pilosula 57mg :
Known to have many benefits such as promoting energy levels in the body to prevent fatigue and performance anxiety. It’s also been shown to have fantastic properties to help get and maintain a sustainable erection during intercourse.

Here is a full list of the ingredients. Epimedium Sagittatum 96mg, Cinnamomum zeylanicum 70mg, Codonopsis Pilosula 57mg, Angelica Archangelica 8:1 22mg, Panax Ginseng 10% 88mg, Poria Cocus Mushroom 4:1 58mg, Ligusticum Root 50mg, Glycyrrhiza Glabra 9mg. Total 450mg. Capsule made from: Pharmaceutical Gelatin, Glycerin, water, colouring E133, anti-caking agent E470b, E551. For a full list of ingredients, please check the box.

How does it work?

The mechanics behind this product are very simple. The ingredients contained in the capsules help bring more blood to the penis. This has been known to help gain stronger erections for longer periods of time, as well as allowing you to have sex for longer.

How do I take it?

Take one Gold Max capsule per day as required, and please be aware that the time taken to start seeing results can vary. Do not exceed two capsules in any 24-hour period.

When am I able to see results?

The secret to Gold Max’s success lies in its quick action time. Where other products require sustained use for days or months, most Gold Max users achieve noticeable results within 45 minutes of taking a capsule, with many satisfied customers reporting even quicker reaction times, although results can vary.

Are there any side effects?

Gold Max is made from all-natural ingredients with no reported side effects. All ingredients are chosen not only for their potency and effectiveness but also as the ideal safe alternative to other drug based solutions.

How do I order my Gold Max for Men?

Ordering your Gold Max capsules is simple, secure and discreet. Remember that all orders placed with ShytoBuy before 4:30pm on any working day will arrive on your doorstep in an unmarked package the very next day – so join the thousands of men who have been able to boost their sexual performance with Gold Max today! Begin your purchase now by choosing the 'Add to Basket' button.

Customer Reviews
At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (92.94% based on 17 Reviews)

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Service Rating (91.37% based on 857 )

  • * Gave me stronger and firmer erections. I am very excited about my new pocket rocket
  • * grew my 4 inch to 4.8,loveit. Very solid and strong. my dad kefe also found it good and his cock has grown a extra 0.2 inches
  • * excellent support for my weak boner. good customer support. product recommended by ben. |Me and my husband mr coombes will love it so much thanks :*
  • * I am a 62 year old male who still enjoys sex as often as I can so I am very pleased with this product which gives me the added confidence to perform well without the side effects of other treatments. Discreet and efficient service. I can highly recommend this product.
  • * when i first took this pill i wasn't sure if it will really deliver what it promises. but i was amazed with the results. 45 minutes are too much, i started noticing difference results in 20 minutes
  • * best pill for impotence. go for it guys. highly recommended
  • * i feel like the king of the world especially when gals compliment on my performance
  • * stocked up at my place. i dont want even a day without this. amazing stuff and all natural, who needs prescription
  • * you have got a wide range there but this is the best product. all my friends are using it and are really happy
  • * found my new self. my wife and I can go all night now and explore our sex life. I like it
  • * Staying hard during the act is not a problem anymore. Just take this pill and you are sorted. I recommend it to all my friends.
  • * just received my order. thanks for delivering it before time. great customer support. keep it up guys
  • * I have seen so many such pills but i wanted something that was natural. so my choice was clear. Gold max is totally natural and has no side effects at all. I have been taking it for an year now and my sex life is great
  • * I have used this product before and I must say, its one of the best available to buy. I also have to pay high praise to the customer service too, very prompt delivery in secure packaging. These pills are to be taken at least 30 mins before your fun starts, if you have another the following day, within 24 hours, the results are amazing and will last for quite a while, for me personally 4 days, with just 2 pills, but I guess everyone is different. I found take with water and have a little snack with it helps. Also, your partner will see you transform into a powerhouse and even after ejaculation I stay rock hard, a massive turn on for my wife and I and a massive confidence booster. Highly recommended for all couples, enjoy.
  • * impressive i must say. it just takes me around 30 minutes to get hard and i can easily last for hours. this is changed by sex life completely
  • * when i first used the pill i got erection very late. but that was my mistake as i took the pill just before i hit the bed. now i take it well in advance and my wife is so satisfied with my performance. this pill has saved my marriage
  • * ordering on this site so easy. cusstomer service is so supportive. great work
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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