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Can exercise alone help men last longer in bed?

You class yourself as physically fit. Surely this will correspond to the length of time you can last in the bedroom? We are going to investigate how much exercise alone can really benefit your sex life.
Is exercise really the new way to last longer in bed?

For many aspects of your health, exercise is usually high up on the list of things to do to improve it, including sexual health. However, as you are probably aware, there are many pills, patches, lotions and creams that also claim to be the Holy Grail when it comes to lasting longer in bed and generating stronger erections. Can exercise really override all other forms of help though? We are going to uncover some of the great benefits of doing exercise and weigh up if it really is the most natural and effective way to last longer in bed.

Can you physically last that long?

Never mind if your erection can last the length of time, can your overall fitness? This is something many men fail to consider before thinking about helping themselves achieve longer lasting and stronger erections. Are you physically fit enough to carry on going for the time you want to last for in the first place? It’s every guys dream to be able to last longer in bed and enjoy 15, 20 minutes or more! However, sex is a physical activity, so to avoid flagging half way through, it’s a good idea to keep in shape to eliminate at least one of the reasons that could contribute to shorter, less satisfying sex.

Concentrate on your body and get it out of your head

A lot of the issues that men have when it comes to lasting longer in bed is to do their psychological state, often worrying and feeling anxiety about sustaining their erection. This can often be known as a ‘self-debilitating’ mind-set, and is many men’s worst enemy. The strategy to prevent this from happening is to stop, take a breath, and concentrate on your body. As bizarre as it may sound, try to stay out of your head and get into your body. Focus on the feelings your body is creating for you.

When you exercise, many men find they get into the ‘zone’. This is where even hard physical routines can be achieved due to the focus and attention played to each physical motion being carried out. Therefore, by getting in to the habit of reaching this level of control out side of the bedroom on other aspects of your body, can be transferred into the same control and focus in the bedroom. The more you practice while exercising, the easier it will be to apply in the bedroom; boosting your confidence with your mental strength and ability.

A different kind of exercise

There are certain exercises that purely work to help control over your erection and are advised by many specialists, particularly if you suffer with premature ejaculation. The exercise in question is for the PC muscle or, if we’re being technical, the pubococcygeus muscle. It stretches from the anus to the urinary sphincter and in order to find how to squeeze and contract the muscle, try stopping your urine flow in the middle of peeing. You’ll feel it then. It’s advised that squeezing these muscles three sets of 15 times per day is sufficient enough to do the trick. Essentially, squeezing this muscle helps guys to literally pump themselves up by triggering good blood flow to the penis, which in turn will help to improve mental confidence in their body’s ability to control itself.

What can exercising give you that pills, lotion, creams, patches and sprays cant?

  1. Zero cost
  2. 100% natural
  3. You’re in complete control
  4. Get to know your body
  5. Benefits your over all health as well as erection issues

In a nutshell

Exercise, without a doubt, carries a multitude of benefits both physically and mentally. For many guys, this will be enough to make the necessary difference to helping them last longer in bed and fits into their lifestyle perfectly. However, busy lives and the motivation to keep up exercise is simply not workable for all. This is why we would recommend combining exercise with a natural solution, such as Prelox for impotence. Doing so puts you in a stronger position to make a bigger difference compared to if you just did exercise or just used natural pills/cream/ sprays on their own.

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