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EmuCare Emu Oil

100ml Oil | 99% Pure Emu Oil
X2 -5%
X3 -10%


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There are some skin concerns that can be difficult to clear up - especially if combined damage and dryness are behind it! To help you target whatever is leaving your skin feeling itchy, red and inflamed, EmuCare Oil includes an incredible 99% high concentration of Emu Oil. Enhanced with a touch of protective Vitamin E and soothing Rosemary, it layers in moisture to help your skin get back to its best.

  • For aggravated dryness & discomfort
  • 99% Emu Oil is rich in fatty acids
  • Exceptional powerful natural emollient
  • Enhanced with soothing herb Rosemary
  • Vitamin E to protect from oxidative stress
  • Perfect for targeted & frequent application
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What is EmuCare Emu Oil?

A groundbreaking product, EmuCare Oil puts Emu Oil at the core of their approach to dry, sore skin, with a 99% concentration. This potent oil has been produced out of the fat of the Emu bird, for an intensely moisturising approach. With just a few added enhancements, it’s ideal for hydrating, soothing and calming skin. Its adaptable application makes it perfect for applying as and when needed. With no steroids to be found, EmuCare Oil ideal for using on an ongoing or short-term basis.

What can a skin oil do for me?

There are so many deep, underlying skin concerns that can be addressed with moisture! Treatment of psoriasis, eczema, burns, itchy scalp and general dryness can all be achieved by applying a fat-rich product. Natural, biological products are an ideal way to deliver what’s needed into the skin, as they eschew the chemically laden approaches of more conventional products.

How does EmuCare Emu Oil work?

This potent skin application uses just a few ingredients to deliver moisture into skin, just where it’s needed! Moisture is incredibly important to skin, allowing it to work at its optimum best. EmuCare reviews from many individuals are stating that its simple yet strong approach is making a powerful difference in their lives. Three in particular - Emu Oil, Rosemary and Vitamin E - work in harmony, for you to specifically target those localised areas.

Emu Oil

Emu Oil
This oil consists of a high amount of Oleic Acid - approximately 40%! Emu Oil has amazing abilities to deliver moisture through layers of skin, with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.


A time-honoured and beloved herb, Rosemary is known for a wide range of skin-loving traits. It not only purifies, it also calms and soothes. This makes it perfect for skin affected by an inflamed look and feel.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E
This essential micronutrient is of incredible importance to our bodies. It’s known to contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. This means it can help to defend skin from external influences.

Full Ingredients

Dromiceius Oil, Limonene, Linalool, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate.


The EmuCare Oil is an exceptionally powerful and simple way to address your dryness based skin concerns. Apply two to three times a day on the affected area, until you are satisfied, or on an ongoing basis. Although EmuCare Oil has no known side effects, cease using if you notice any. As the relevant concerns are often long-term, you may wish to purchase for future use.

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  • This product really changed my life! Struggled with eczema for years, didn’t want to use creams with steroids but this has helped sooooo much!

    E Enya

  • Really really good, struggled with dryness for a long time and this is the first thing that’s really helped!

    H Hendrix

  • I use this on old scars actually, done a great job on them

    W Willard

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