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Erection Inducer Device

Male Enhancement

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It’s an undeniable fact that the male organ can experience something of a downturn as time goes by - those powerful physical signs of our desire can become so much harder to both achieve and maintain. To help you in continuing to enjoy those passionate clinches into your middle and later years, the Erection Inducer Device uses a studied methodology. With just a simple pumping action, you can restore your feelings of masculine confidence.

  • Vacuum device for masculinity
  • To boost feelings of manliness
  • Circulation-targeting method
  • Comes with Confidence Ring
  • Clinica Lubricating Jelly included
  • To be used as and when needed

Surely, there can be few things more damaging to one’s sense of manhood than an inability to satisfy during passionate moments. Besides, men everywhere are looking for more than just moments - they want to extend their experiences to both participants’ satisfaction! To help you in addressing this particular worry, the Erection Inducer Device also includes a Confidence Ring and Lubricating Jelly. Your bedroom worries are just moments away from finding a new approach.

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A Decline in Performance

Many factors can play into a loss in spontaneous sensual ability, from simple aging and maturation to more significant concerns. However, what cannot be denied is that the results - an inability to perform to the satisfaction of the man in question and his partner - can be highly demoralising, distressing, and damaging to both his confidence and their relationship. At the same time, approaching a professional can just seem impossibly embarrassing, while taking capsules may be straight up unappealing and inconvenient. Wouldn’t it be so much better, for so many men, to find a way to immediately and swiftly target the source of their concerns, while aiming to reduce the need for external help for good?

Amazing Air-Pumping

In recent years, an innovative approach to this older than time problem has emerged - air pumping. This method uses the simple forces of nature, with a cylinder to create a powerful but gentle seal around the manhood and stimulate its circulation with a pumping motion. It is undeniable that blood flow, and its significant heightening, is absolutely indispensable to achieving physical readiness for bedroom activity. By boosting flow to the area, that may have been lacking for some time, the aim is to bring back a powerful, hard feeling and appearance. Furthermore, scientific study has investigated its application on the male organ, with encouraging results.

Erection Inducer Device

However incredible a method may be, it’s important that it is delivered optimally. The Erection Inducer Device brings you this remarkable technology in an easy, simple form, that you can quickly and discreetly incorporate into your romantic associations. What’s more, the kit comes with a Confidence Ring, a gentle silicone seal that aims to maintain your experience for as long as you like. And to ensure your partner can enjoy your manhood to the max, it comes with water-based Clinica Lubricating Jelly. It’s ready and waiting to take its place in your bedroom.

Using the Device

Once you have assembled the device with the relevant attachments, including the Confidence Ring (see full instructions), place the cylinder over your flaccid organ until the base contacts the body. Squeeze the pump handle 5-10 times, while holding the cylinder. When you are fully erect, slide the Confidence Ring off the cylinder onto the base of your organ. Remove the cylinder. You are then free to proceed with intimacy.

Clinica Lubricating Jelly Ingredients

Cellulose Gum, Citric Acid, Methylparaben, Natural Glycerin, Propylparaben, Water.


The Erection Inducer Device is designed to accommodate male physical needs with ultimate comfort, safety and security. However, it’s important to take sensible precautions. Before using, it is very important to read the full instructions thoroughly. Never use for more than fifteen pumps at a time, and be sure to carefully consider your body’s needs.