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Beard Oil

30ml Oil | Beard Nourishing Formula

Eco Masters



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Eco Masters Beard Oil is a natural emollient beard oil giving nourishing beneficial properties to the beard whilst softening, conditioning and hydrating the beard. The beard oil also has a musky male fragrance formulated from natural extracts. The beard oil is safe to use due to its completely natural formulation and has no known side effects. The idea of Eco Masters new beard oil is to give the beard something that can nourish it whilst protecting it, without using any harsh chemicals or damaging ingredients.

  • Conditions the beard so it can be easily styled
  • Moisturises the delicate dehydrated skin under the beard
  • 100% natural ingredients formulation
  • Enhances beards natural scent
  • Relieves irritation from new hair growth
  • Hydrates, conditions and nourishes the beard
  • Next day delivery

The Eco Masters Beard Oil has been specifically formulated to be a very gentle but nourishing luxury beard oil. The specific ingredients have been included due to firstly being 100% natural, but also being very beneficial to the protein molecules of the beard hairs. The active ingredients help to regulate the natural production of oil around the beard area, making sure your skin doesn’t get dehydrated or irritated under your wild mane!

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Type: Beard oil
Size: 30 ml

Eco Masters Beard Oil – Beard Care

Eco Masters have been formulating natural hair & skin care products for several years and with experience comes wisdom. The new beard oil has been completely formulated from natural ingredients unlike many of its competitors and offers your fierce mane benefits that don’t contain any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Keeping your beard up to standard all day is hard, right? Food can get stuck, liquids tend to get in and smoke and other particles and get caught up in the beard. The oil has a fragrance included that keeps up the smell of your original scent throughout your day whilst making it more manageable to style at the start of your day. Taming the mane has never been easier with this pocket-sized and efficient beard oil. Eco Masters beard oil is ideal for any man that is wanting to keep his beard nourished whilst not irritating his skin or the natural pH balance on the skins surface. It also conditions the beard to let it become more manageable and easily styled, enabling you to enhance your own ferocious mane however you want!

How it works


image of trimmed beard

Make sure your beard has been cleansed properly and dried. This will enable the oil to work better on the skins surface whilst being pulled through the beard itself.


image of thick beard

Each individual natural ingredient starts to work on their beneficial property to the beard and skin, hydrating, nourishing and conditioning the beard to be manageable and healthy.


image of thick groomed beard

The active ingredients such as the pumpkin oil, almond oil start to effectively stimulate growth, whilst the jojoba oil and other natural extracts regulate sebum production maintaining healthy and irritant free skin.

Benefits of the Beard Oil

A man’s beard has become a thing of fashion and masculinity in today’s fashion society. Eco Masters Beard Oil has been created due to the popular demand and boom for beard care products. By using Eco Masters Beard Oil, you will receive several benefits to your skin and beard, have a look below for the benefits to your growing mane:

The Itch: Every man who grows a beard will know that at around the one month mark or straight after a fresh shave the skin can be slightly irritated and not used to the environment it is now in – especially if you were clean shaven before. This itch can cause further irritation and increased sebum production, the beard oil stops this and keeps its all balanced for an irritant-free beard.

Beard Dandruff: When you grow a beard and don’t maintain the skin underneath the heavy mane it becomes uncleansed and causes irritations and reactions to the skin. Typically, sebum production increases due to the overgrowth of beard hair and this can cause fungal infections and bothersome itchy patches. Eco Masters have this covered with the ingredients regulating the sebum production and soothing the skin under its new environment making an itchy dandruff beard a thing of the past!

Beard Health: If you have been using the beard oil as recommended the skin around the beard and underneath will be nourishing and irritant free. The bear itself will be much more manageable to style and groom whilst also maintaining a nourished clean look to your beard. The oil will enrich the hair follicles from the root and enhance growth rates also.


image of virgin argan oil
Virgin Argan Oil: This is widely regarded as a miracle skincare ingredient and inhibits sebum production whilst moisturising enabling irritant free skin under the beard.
image of jojoba oil
Jojoba Oil: This oil is the closest thing to human oil production cell formation and thus the skin is more susceptible to the jojoba. It allows for better absorption and a calmer application.
image of vitamin e oil
Vitamin E Oil: Stimulates beard hair growth and is a known homeopathic remedy for beard dandruff. It also helps with the treatment of split ends within the beard.
image of almond oil
Sweet Almond Oil: This amazing skincare ingredient not only nourishes and balances the skin hidden underneath the beard, but also induces hair growth.
image of avocado oil
Avocado Oil: The avocado contains many vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the skin care and health of your beard. It allows the beard to gain nourishment quick enabling you to style and do more with your mane.
image of pumpkin seed oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil: This ingredient stimulates hair growth and helps to fight the visible signs of premature balding. It also is amplified in strength when used with the other active e ingredients.
image of hemp seed oil
Hemp Seed Oil: The properties in Hemp Oil gives strength to the hair molecule, fighting hair loss and enabling a fuller, thicker beard in growth.
image of grape seed oil
Grape Seed Oil: This fades away visible signs of beard dandruff whilst hydrating the skin underneath and locking in moisture so signs of beard flaking don’t return with regular use.

Full list of Ingredients: Virgin Argan Oil, Pure Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Premium Grade Natural Fragrance Oils.

Safe to Use

Eco Masters have always prided themselves on the completely natural products they produce. They believe the best skin, hair and beard care products are ones that have a natural touch, but maximum efficiency in purpose. This latest product has been made using a completely botanical natural formula and has no known side effects. However, like all products, we recommend that you perform a small spot test on the back of your hand to check for any adverse reactions. If you have any further questions, please contact your local doctor.


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