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Prescription vs Non-prescription Treatment of Female Hair Loss

The new age treatment for Female hair loss condition involves increasing protein intake through medication & natural supplements. Read on to know more on this.
Read more about new age treatment for female hair loss.

As a woman there’s nothing more terrifying than finding a bunch of hairs clogging the shower drain. Excessive hair loss can be worrying or scary. But don’t worry as everyone loses hair. It happens during your morning shower, when you give it a brush or blow dry it. It is completely normal. On average women lose up to 100 strands of hair a day.

But as women get older, they may begin to notice more hair than the 100 per day benchmark. One of the most common reasons for such hair loss is considered to be menopause. Female pattern baldness is the term given to this condition. This tells us that hair loss in female differs from that in male. While men may find baldness arriving from front hairline, women hair loss actually involves thinning or widening of the center or side part.

Causes of Female pattern baldness

Hair loss in women can also be a hereditary condition and can run in the family. Another cause of hair loss is alopecia areata, in which she may see hair fall out. The reasons for hair loss can range from simple vitamin deficiency to a more complex underlying condition like thyroid disease or an autoimmune condition causing loss of hair. There are also many other factors that affect the rate of hair loss, which is why we suggest you to seek help from healthcare professional. Natural treatments like Nourkrin for woman can help you out at least at the first sight of thinning hair or hair falling out. You can explore all the hair loss treatments further.

If you are losing more hair then usual then we recommend seeing your health specialist, who will help you determine the cause. It is essential to let your health specialist know all the health facts and inform him of any medication that you are taking as this may be the cause. Eat a well-balanced diet or try managing stress and getting a sound sleep as the first line treatment for hair loss.

There are many treatment options out there for hair loss which can help reverse the condition within a year minimum. We would advise to see your local health specialist who can figure out what the ideal solution for you is.

Treatment options for hair loss

Non-prescription remedies

There is a drug called minoxidil found in certain effective hair loss treatments. These are mainly found in liquid form which you can apply to your scalp. With regular use you can see hair loss slow down and in some cases they can even grow back hair. There are also oral and topical herbal medications exclusively for balding men and women. These contain natural extracts like Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Onion Juice, Aloe Vera, Licorice Root and so on to have shown benefits for hair regrowth.

Prescription remedies

If it is alopecia areata, certain steroid creams or injections into the scalp can be tried to treat. These may result most effective when started early. Many drugs which have hormonal effects can actually help prevent female pattern baldness as well. This is because hair loss is closely related to testosterones. But discuss regarding them with your doctor as these oral medications may have an increased risk of side effects compared to topical treatments.

Being lenient in treating hair

Hair care tips like wearing your hair loose to ease tension and avoiding overuse of blow-dryers, straighteners can support you in reducing the number of broken or pulled hair. There are revolutionary products like hair-fibre powder or thickener which give the illusion of thicker hair to help boost confidence.

The other painless measures can be Hairpieces which can also give you a quite natural look and Scalp tattooing which may be a longer-lasting solution to hiding a show-through scalp. However, the disadvantages with scalp tattooing can carry risks of infection or work as a temporary coloring solution.

The power of proteins

Hair loss that is associated with nutrient deficiencies is easy to reverse. There are nutritional supplements containing proteins which are marine-derived to stimulate hair growth in women. Buy hair care products online which contain these proteins to make your hair loss treatment easy, safe and effective.

The science behind it is simple. When the body lacks nutrition or is stressed out, it cuts off nutrition to the hair follicles and to supports the rest of the vital organs. In this case, these supplements provide a host of vital ingredients to the hair roots which are often lost due to ageing process. This will bring a hope of getting the volume, thickness and shine of your hair back.

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