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Difference between hair loss and hair thinning

For those of you who want to find out more about what is really happening to those strands on your head…

In a nutshell

Thinning hair and hair loss both have very similar meanings (they're both undesirable!) and are commonly confused. Generally speaking, thinning hair happens in the early stages of hair loss, whereby the hair shaft starts to thin with each hair growth cycle. The difference between male thinning hair and female thinning is that men’s will usually result in baldness, compared to women, whose hair will generally just become thinner and won’t usually experience complete baldness.

But what is the difference between hair thinning and hair loss?

Thinning hair

You can naturally have fine hair as your normal hair type. However, thinning is where your hair strands change and they were once naturally thicker compared to what they are now. So, how does this happen and why? Thinning can often happen in the beginning stages of female and male pattern hair loss when sensitivity occurs to the normal androgen that circulates around hair follicles. This sensitivity causes miniaturisation and the change of diameter of the hair follicle. In women the process is usually slower, due to the level of ‘follicular protection’ offered by oestrogen.

When it comes to solutions for your thinning hair, there are many! Whether it’s getting a more layered hairstyle that gives you the illusion of more voluminous hair or disguising it well with various hair products or fibres. Stock up on a diet full of essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron and zinc, a healthy body can generally mean healthier hair.

Hair loss

You can generally consider to be suffering with hair loss when something stops the hair from growing or when hair strands of thinning hair have progressed to become vellus like (fluffy white hair). This kind of effect is not visible to the human eye and can be interpreted to be hair loss. It can be caused by:

  • Over reactive immune system
  • Hereditary hair loss
  • Some drugs and treatments
  • Hair styles that pull on the hair
  • Compulsion to pull out your hair
  • Harsh hair care products

An easy solution to prevent hair loss from happening could be to simply alter your usage or stop any of the above. Although hair loss is very common and happens to many people, especially as they age, its effects can still be very damaging to confidence levels and lower self-esteem. Therefore, no matter how common it is, you shouldn’t ignore signs. Remember, the sooner you tackle hair loss the better.

What am I experiencing?

Male pattern baldness or other genetic hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia is said to be the most common form of hair loss. However, it is always a good idea to get to the root of hair issues and not assume. By doing so will also help to establish the best way to help overcome thinning and stop hair loss.

One way you can identify whether you have new growth or breakage is to look at the ends of strands of hair. New hair growth will be more pointed at the ends, whereas breakage of hair strands will be dryer and more blunt at the end.

What should I do?

There are many products available to stop hair loss or prevent further hair thinning. Identify what is happening to your hair strands. If you are experiencing thinning hair, examine your lifestyle. Are you eating the right foods? What products and styles are you applying to your hair? Your solution could be simply a few lifestyle alterations. Look at your relatives and see if they have hair loss. If so, there is a higher possibility that you too are starting to develop the same symptoms, as it could be hereditary.

If you catch such signs early, you may dramatically reduce the rate in which thinning and hair loss can start to take effect. You may feel medical treatments are too severe for such early signs of hair issues and that natural solutions may be more appealing. Taking natural supplements such as TRX2 for hair loss is a very convenient and effective way to restore essential nutrients, health and hair booting properties directly to the hair shaft. At home laser is also a great way to stimulate hair follicles and is easily done from the comfort of your own home.

Give your hair the best chance of survival and act now!

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