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Can You Avoid Getting A Fungal Nail Infection?

There are so many ways you can prevent fungal nail infections settling in on your nails and skin. Keeping you hands and feet clean and dry is the main prevention method; however there are many more that can also make an amazing difference.

Top tips on preventing fungal nail infections


Take off your shoes when you’re at home! You’re not at work any more and you don’t know where those shoes have been…By taking you shoes off at home, although a very basic and obvious suggestion for many people, is a really great way to let your feet relax and let the air get around them. It’s not only great for your posture to walk barefoot, but also if you tend to get sweaty feet this allows your shoes to dry out again before you put them on.

Choose your style and material of shoe carefully. If you’re in a warm climate or know your feet tend to get hot, try and wear sandals to ensure plenty of air gets around them. If this isn’t possible, choose shoes made from leather or canvas since these allow your feet to breathe more than plastic shoes will.

Girls, be wary about wearing heels with a heel more than 2cm. The height can put extra pressure on the front of your foot, which can lead to nail damage. This makes it easier for infection to begin and nail fungus to start growing. Choosing footwear that doesn’t rub and fits well is a crucial step in the right direction when preventing nail fungus.


Change your socks everyday. Especially when it is warmer weather. Washing your socks regularly kills the fungus that causes the nail infections.

Wear cotton, wool or silk socks. While fashionable socks may look great, they may be up to no good with regards to your foot health. Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, tend to make your feet sweat more.

Public places

Don’t walk barefoot in public places. This leaves you vulnerable to picking up unwanted infections especially in warm moist areas such as swimming baths, spas, showers or locker rooms. Fungi love to live in warm puddles on tiled floor, waiting for you to step in it and pick up spores, so take care.

Make sure you wash and thoroughly dry your feet. Avoid them touching the floor directly by wearing open toes sandals or flip-flops


Regularly bleach the shower and bathroom floor tiles if you or anyone you are living with has a fungal nail infection. Even if everyone you live with has healthy feet and nails, it is still got practice to do so! This will help to eliminate the chances of the bacteria growing and infection passing on to other people.

Treat sooner rather than later

As with most health problems if you catch them early enough, not only will they heal faster but also in many cases they will go away completely! There are many solutions available on today’s market such as Curanail anti-fungal nail infection solution. This provides a natural and effective method to tackle unsightly nails and infections, without needing to wait and see a doctor or pharmacist. Fungal nail infections are very common and also very treatable! So don’t let them fester any longer than necessary.

Fungal nail infection causes

It seems simple enough to keep your feet clean and dry to enjoy healthier feet and nails, but why? Essentially, nail fungus likes to live in warm, dark and moist places (where it can spread rapidly). Unfortunately, your feet give it the perfect opportunity to do such a thing!

Around 3-8 out of 100 people in the UK will get fungal nail infections at some stage in their life. It tends to be more common in people who:

  • Are aged over 55
  • Younger people who share communal showers, such as athletes or swimmers
  • If you have diabetes or poor circulation
  • Pick the skin around their nails, as this allows the infection to set in easily
  • Frequently have sweaty feet and wear ill-fitting shoes

By identifying the causes of fungal nail infections and some of the things you can do to prevent them, then you are giving yourself the best possible chances of avoiding them altogether! Remember, finding your natural solution sooner rather than later is key in preventing infection spreading further.

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