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Reasons why your body is not responding to intimate arousal

The reasons why we respond with sexual feelings to certain circumstances, people, movies, pictures, voices or even smells is very complicated. But why do some women struggle to experience such sexual stimulation more than others?
For some women it’s immediate, for others it takes a little more effort, but why?

Sexual feelings and stimulations are triggered in very complex and varied ways. What works for you won’t necessarily work for someone else and vice-versa. However, when you find your self having a real difficulty in responding to sexual stimulation when it used to, it may be worth you investigating if there is a reasons as to why.

It is currently still poorly understood how our mind processes sexual stimulation. Whether it’s past experiences, self-image, current mood or emotional needs, all are thought to play a part in how we react and can become aroused. One thing that is linked for sure is testosterone.

Lack of testosterone

Testosterone is present in women as well as men and is what appears to be necessary for sexual response and sexual feelings. As long as all other emotions are in the right place then testosterone should make it possible to experience arousal and sexual stimulation. Testosterone creates estrogen and any woman having menstrual cycles will be making estrogen. Therefore, if you are menstruating regularly you can assume that you’re creating the right amount of testosterone needed. However, although it tends to peak around ovulation, it also takes a dip in production during the years running up to menopause and particularly during menopause. This may result in sexual desire being harder and less likely to be triggered.

image of sexual stimulation


After menopause most women will then continue to create enough testosterone and tend not to notice any change to their sexual dreams, fantasies or sexual desire. However, during menopause it is a completely different story. This is due to the hormonal disturbances some woman will experience during this time. Many women will feel that arousal is slower or not as intense and what once used to trigger sexual stimulation may not do so anymore, or not to the same extent. Sea Buckthorn Oil has been known to help post menopausal women with vaginal dryness

Mind connection

Although you might not think it, our minds are naturally one of the most sexually powerful organs. Our bodies connect automatically to what is happening in our brain meaning this mind-body connection can either inhibit sexual arousal or increase it. It’s great if you are feeling sexually exciting thoughts, pictures or dreams. On the other hand, if you are worried about an unplanned pregnancy, feeling pain during sex or uncomfortable with your partner this can also take any fun out of sexual intercourse or even masturbation. Leading you to feel like you have less sexual stimulation than you would prefer to have. The physical responses to such thoughts and feeling can sometimes be that your vagina doesn’t get wet or you can’t orgasm.

Essentially, feeling sexually stimulated is more that just a physical response. It needs to feel good in your mind and body. By letting yourself go and living in the moment may just help you reach that point of pleasure you desire. Communicating with your partner is also a great way to break down any barriers, leaving you more comfortable and ultimately more aroused sexually with them.

Image of sexual stimulation

Erogenous Zones

Our skin is incredibly sensitive to the touch, and there are different areas that are more sexually arousing than others. Learning about the different erogenous zones may help you discover why you aren’t always feeling as sexually aroused as you would like during foreplay. For example, some people get goose pimples when you gently nibble or kiss their ears, while others love having their feet massaged. The lips, anus, nipples and genitals are some of the most common zones. Since the word ‘sensual’ includes all of the senses- touch, smell, taste, sounds and sight; heighten your pleasure even more so by concentrating on all of these senses to increase your chances of enjoying great sexual stimulation.

Find the cause and the solution

Since there are so many reasons as to why you are feeling not as aroused as you would like, for some women it can be hard to identify what is really causing their issue, but hopefully the above points have shed some light on your situation and helped to distinguish whether its mental or physical. Supplements such as Lady Prelox enhancement pills use completely natural and proven ingredients to help a variety of factors that can help improve your sexual arousal. In some circumstances it is completely normal to not feel in the mood, in others, it can feel frustrating and disheartening. By working out the reason why you aren’t feeling as sexually stimulated as you perhaps once were, can help to tackle the issue and find something that will help.

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