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Bathmate Hydrodouche

By Bathmate

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Fed up of time consuming, awkward or ineffective douching? Discover the innovative Bathmate Hydrodouche. Now you can shower and deeply cleanse with a high quality anal douche that really means business. This personal hygiene product is ideal if you prefer to douche before anal sex and/or play.

  • First generation hydraulic shower douche that’s exceptionally far reaching
  • Can be used post or pre sex
  • User friendly and offers a 360 degree clean suitable for shallow and deep cleansing
  • Designed by award winning engineers with skin safe or medical grade materials
  • Gravity fed system allowing for complete control over water pressure
  • Comes with a plain black bag suitable for transporting your Hydrodouche discreetly
  • FREE UK delivery & NEXT DAY delivery

The Bathmate Hydrodouche offers a unique design to help clean out the rectum effectively, leaving you feeling clear and empty. This premium cleansing anal douche system is also quick and perfectly easy to assemble with incredible durability. It strong, sturdy parts are built to last, including bulletproof plastic! It's designed for pleasure as well as effectiveness, so you can make the most out of your douching experience.

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What is it?

The Bathmate Hydrodouche is a user-friendly anal douche system. If you douche for hygiene purposes, before anal sex/play or simply want to try something a bit new, then this renowned brand and high quality system is the one for you.

It includes a world-famous water powered pump line for an easy, effective and hygienic approach to using an anal douche. The Hydrodouche pump has been created and based on an innate understanding for the needs of the human body, pressure and hydraulics. Features such as the strap, allow it to hang free and easily under the shower on any connecter while you use the system- no more standing in the cold! Plus the flow regulator allows full control over the amount of water pressure you want to experience.

The Bathmate Hydrodouche also offers a flexible, extra long and multi directional anal douche nozzle, which is ideal for full 360-degree, shallow and deep cleaning. While the handy and hygienic wand holder is also included to keep the nozzle away from any contaminates.

How do I use it?

Using the Bathmate Hydrodouche is easy, effective and in many circumstances very pleasurable!

  • Once you have assembled the anal douche system together, attach and hang it onto your showerhead
  • Let it fill up with water
  • Use the regulator on the hose to control the flow of water to the ideal pressure and amount best for you.
  • Once the anal douche wand is fully inserted, simply realise the pressure of water to your choice, a lower pressure is advised until you get the hang of thing. This will avoid any quick dashes to the toilet.

To help insertion of the anal douche wand, try applying the lube provided directly onto your anus. Applying if on to the already very flexible, wiggly nozzle may make things more challenging!

What is in the Bathmate Hydrodouche box and how do I put the parts together?

  • Adjustable securing strap
  • Mounting Bracket/Hydro Wand Holder
  • Hydro Chamber
  • Chamber Connecter
  • Flow regulator
  • Hydro Wand
  • Hydro Wand Connector
  • Hose

What sets the Bathmate Hydrodouche apart from others?

There are 5 key advantages, features and generally exceptional benefits of the Bathmate Hydrodouche that can deliver you the best anal douche experience you’ve ever had:

  • A crystal clear plastic water chamber can be refilled constantly while in use. If you already douche, you may be all too familiar with the annoying and time consuming need to remove the douche, refill and insert again. With this system there is no need to; providing a quicker and more efficient douching process.
  • The Bathmate Hydrodouche comes with a very long hose (2m). This means you can use the douche easily in any position (including lying down!) without the hose becoming too tight or detaching its self.
  • Compared to other normal bulb douches, you shouldn’t experience backwash. This happens when water is sucked back out of the rectum into the bulb, which isn’t great. This is potentially a huge bonus with this product.
  • It’s extremely easy to use. Simply insert the nozzle and hold in the place that’s most comfortable to enjoy a thorough douching in minutes. When you have finished douching there is even a wand holder to hang it out of the way.
  • If you want to clean deeper safely and effectively, then the Bathmate Hydrodouche does just that. You can insert deeper, increase or decrease the water pressure easily all in one go.

The only thing to consider is that the entire anal douche kit can be quite bulky, however the discreet yet durable black drawstring bag can help take care of that; keeping your system safely out of the way.

Safe to use and easy to clean

The Bathmate Hydrodouche system has been created using skin safe and medical grade ingredients. Each has been extensively tested for effectiveness and durability to give you the best possible experience. Always take great care when using the anal douche and read the instructions thoroughly beforehand to benefit from the best experience and results.

This anal douche is also very easy to clean, simply use warm soapy water and for a thorough clean use the Bathmate Cleaning Kit to get in to every area of the Bathmate Hydrodouche system; leaving it lovely, spotless and fresh for you next use.

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  • * can use it comfortably in any position it is long enough. perfect for me
  • * allows me to clean deeper into the colon. its a must have if you like anal
  • * Does exactly what you want it to. No complaints.
  • * Probably the best douche i have ever tried. Its easy to use and most importantly easy to clean.
  • * The others i've bought before are very uncomfortable however this one have a longer more comfortable hose which is easy to use. Great product!
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