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2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream


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Are you one of the 50% of women that struggles to get in the mood for sex? A drop in desire can happen for a number of reasons, but 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream is here to help. This light, non-sticky cream is designed to reignite your passion for sex by helping to get you in the mood. As well as this, it can enhance the amount of pleasure you get out of sex.

  • Created to help restore lost libido and improve sexual pleasure
  • No one needs to know you are using it, as it absorbs quickly into skin without greasiness or residue
  • You can use 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream moments before sex
  • There are no pills to take, or prescriptions required
  • Safe for oral fun as well as use with condoms
  • You don’t have to worry about side effects, as it is naturally made

2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream is a convenient and discreet way of tackling your low sex drive. You can use it when you need it, unlike a pill, which you have to take everyday. What’s more, you can apply it just before sex, as it is known to be powerful enough to get to work from the second you massage it in. Order before 4pm today for next day delivery.

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What is 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream?

2Seduce cream is a product specially designed to help improve low libido. Your sex drive can be negatively impacted by hormonal changes, tiredness, stress, anxiety as well as many other factors. No matter what the cause behind it, this cream is developed to help you reclaim your desire for passion.

In addition to helping you get in the mood, 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream can work to make your sexual experience more satisfying as well. When you get more fulfilment out of intimate moments, you might find yourself desiring passion even more.

How 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream works

2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream contains natural ingredients such as gingko biloba and ginseng that are known to have been used by many ancient cultures as aphrodisiacs. When applied directly to the sensitive skin of your vagina, the ingredients of 2Seduce cream can stimulate your intimate region.

The tingling sensation the cream is known to produce can assist with getting you in the mood for intimacy. In addition to this though, this tingling can make you more receptive, which means that sex could be more pleasurable as result.

How to use 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream

Apply a few drops of the formula directly to the skin surrounding the opening of your private region and gently massage it into the skin with your fingers. You can do this 10 minutes before you want to have sex.

2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream is designed to offer you convenience and discretion. Unlike a supplement that you are often required to take several times a day, every day, you can use this product as and when you want to. What’s more, it can rapidly sink into skin without residue or staining, so your partner does not have to know you are using it.

It should not be overlooked that 2Seduce cream is water based, therefore it should be safe for use with latex condoms and oral fun.


2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream has been created to get to work as soon as it is applied. There is no waiting around for a pill to kick in, so you might never have to miss the moment again.

What are the ingredients of 2Seduce Cream?

The key ingredients are:

  • Aloe Vera – has a softening, soothing and moisturising effect.
  • Panax Ginseng - has been shown to increase sexual libido.
  • Ginkgo Biloba - can improve your blood circulation, which aids better sexual stimulation.

Full 2Seduce Cream Ingredients: Aqua, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl, alcohol, cetyl palmitate, cocoglycerides, oleum oryzae, calendula oil, ceteareth 20, octyl stearate, bityrospermum prakii, ceteareth 12, tocopherol, menthol, methylchloroisothiazolinone and citric acid.

Does 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream have any side effects?

2Seduce Cream does not have any negative effects linked to it as it has been made with all natural ingredients. It is always advised that you carry out a patch test before using the cream to test for any allergic reaction.

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  • * i have been using this daily for about a week and been having regular intercorse with my hubby... he applys it for me to get me in the mood quikcer, immediately after application i start to feel a warm tingling feeling, this alone stimulates me and makes the blood rush around my body :)
  • * it has made my alone time as sensual as it can get. i enjoy staying in bed alone. no irritation and no itching. Go for it girls uwill love it
  • * amazing product. worth every penny. can't do without it anymore
  • * when i apply this gel i almost make myself cum, its really strong and i am yet to use it with a man
  • * for an older lady like me, this is just a miracle gel, there is nothing like this and its lovely to know that somebody out there is aware of the problems us females go through, and someone who wants to help us, i really appreciate this and i hope the rest of the women also benefit from 2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream. Thank you ever so much shytobuy
  • * so i order this today and i am super excited, me and my husband havent had a good sex night in months i think this is due to me not being in the mood, i have been looking for a solution for a long time, he was the one who suggested this site and this cream so i gave it a go and ordered it and havent looked back. awesome stuff
  • * my husband loves that i am climaxing like crazy almost every night, it sends me straight to sleep after and ofcourse he loves that
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