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Varicose Veins

One in 3 people worldwide will suffer from varicose veins at some point in their lives, so you’re not alone. They are veins that become enlarged and appear on the skins surface as worms. Often they appear on legs and calves. Thankfully we offer a range of natural treatment for varicose veins.


Help to reduce the pain, irritation and discomfort caused by varicose veins with Varesil. This natural product works internally and externally to help reduce this.

Striagen SV Spider Cream

Striagen SV Spider Cream is a brand new revolutionary moisturising cream that can help to reduce the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins.

Skin Doctors Vein Away Plus

Spider veins and broken blood vessels can cause discomfort and can be painful. Fight back against these harmful signs with Skin Doctors Vein Away Plus. It is a lightweight lotion full of antioxidants.

Native Remedies VaricoGo

Varicose veins can be painful. Native Remedies VaricoGo can help alleviate the aches, pains, soreness, achiness and weakness that come along with this.


What are varicose veins?

Blood is pumped through our bodies and transports through veins and capillaries. Inside your veins, you will have valves that ensure that blood travels in the right direction, and does not go back to where it cam from. It works like a one-way street on a road; it only allows the flow of blood in one direction.

In many cases, the valves may become impaired, which leads to an increase in pressure in your veins. This could lead to high blood pressure in the veins, which leads to veins becoming compressed or widened. This is what we call varicose veins.

Find the right treatment for varicose veins is important to ensure that the condition doesn’t worsen. Although it doesn’t cause serious risk to your health, it can lead to spider web looking veins on the skins surface. If you do continue to ignore this condition, it may affect the overall blood flow and circulation negatively and leads to discomfort or swelling.

What causes it?

This skin condition can affect both men and women however it is more likely to strike, as you get older. As we get older our body functions begin to slow down, as they too get old. The valves or flaps in your veins can malfunction as shown in the image above. When they do this, it will lead to varicose veins. Women are more likely to suffer from it than men, it is thought that this happens after pregnancy as female hormones can increase your risk of getting varicose veins. Finding the right treatment for varicose veins can be hard or even embarrassing to begin, but rest assured we have some healthy solutions for you. Help yourself by exercising regularly and enjoying a balanced diet.

What are the symptoms?

The visible signs are very apparent; as your veins will appear on the surface of your skin as enlarge blue veins. There are also 3 physical symptoms to look out for.

  • Feet and calves swelling
  • A tingling sensation in your legs
  • Itching feeling and in rare cases, ulcers

How do I treat varicose veins?

Finding the right treatment for varicose veins is very important, as everyone would prefer different methods. Many look for a treatment for aesthetic reasons, and others for a more serious reason such as swelling and pain. Below you will find some possible treatments for varicose veins.

  • Ointments and supplements to stimulate circulation
  • Compression socks
  • Physical therapy to help ease swelling
  • Surgery
  • Laser therapy

How can I prevent it from happening?

As we have now discussed what causes varicose veins and the treatment for varicose veins, why not try these simple steps to help you avoid getting them in the first place.