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Profollica is the ultimate hair loss recovery system for men in the UK. It comes as a highly recommended formula by experienced and renowned cosmetic surgeons worldwide. Take matters into your own hands and overcome male pattern baldness the natural way.

ProFollica Hair Stimulator

Want to overcome your thinning hair issues? ProFollica Hair Stimulator is the second part of a three strong system to fight against hair loss and thinning.

Profollica Daily Shampoo

Profollica Hair Loss Shampoo helps maintain healthy hair and tackle male pattern baldness signs. Its easy application takes no extra effort out of your day either!

Profollica Nutritional Supplement

Are you taking the correct supplement to tackle your hair loss? Profollica daily supplement is designed to help maintain hair regrowth in men with male pattern baldness.


Encouraging the growth of new hair to help overcome hair loss is no easy task, however Profollica may well just be your answer. Designed as a 3-step defence to combat the signs of hair loss, it’s no wonder that this revolutionary brand has gained the approval of cosmetic surgeons worldwide.

About Profollica

Suffering with the signs of hair loss is a common yet often a very disheartening process many men will go through in some stage of their lives. It’s estimated that by age 35 years old, 40% of men worldwide will be suffering with some kind of noticeable hair loss. This is a huge number and increases and men age.

Profollica uses a two-step system to help combat against the effects of hair loss, while not taking over you entire life. Step one of this hair loss solution includes providing effective nourishment internally via the natural supplement, while step 2 offers potentially visible hair growth blocking of DHT. It’s unique combination of natural formulas not only work to promote the successful growth of new hair, but also enhance the health of your existing strands for a shiny well conditioned new look.

The three main modes of hair support offered by Profollica include: a shampoo to effectively cleanse your hair; activator gel, which works to supply essential nourishment to the scalp; nutritional supplements, which help to stimulate the blood circulation to the cells of hair follicles, increasing the chances of new hair forming. For best effects from this unique system, it’s advised to use the formula daily.

Taking care of your hair

For the stands that are left on your head, it’s important that you look after them in the best way possible. Profollica uses three products to help you achieve this while even potentially boosting further hair growth as well. The revolutionary use of ingredient Trichogen is integrated into the hair loss system. This offers the ability to transform the look of your hair in a relatively short space of time.

One of the main cases of limp, lifeless hair and sometimes the cause of hair falling out can be because of a deficiency in vital vitamins and minerals, therefore Profollica does its up most to bring you better quality, elasticity and texture of hair while helping to impede any miniaturisation of hair follicles by using essential vitamins and minerals in its formulas.

What Profollica can do for you

If you are looking for a safe, natural and effective way to tackle male pattern hair loss, then the Profollica range has been dedicated to provide just that. Not only does it fit easily into any lifestyle, it has also got the backing and support from cosmetic surgeons worldwide. They meet people on a regular basis who have deep concerns about their appearances and want to see changes; this system is a sure way to make improvements to your image.

Male pattern baldness doesn’t have to take over your life if you don’t want it to. When hair loss signs begin to show, get to the root of them sooner rather than later with formulas like Profollica. This could help to dramatically reduce the signs, leaving you with a head of hair that you are happier with for longer. Remember, before using any of the products always check the ingredients beforehand to ensure you aren’t allergic to any and always use as directed for best results in the discreetness and easiest possible way.