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Since their launch in 1989 the skin care experts at Murad have been discovering new, innovative ways to use natural and herbal ingredients to create beautiful looking skin. Dr Murad and his team follow the principles of efficiency, quality and speed with their wide range of natural skin care products.

When it comes to transforming skincare for the better, Murad have been at the forefront for a very long time. They believe strongly that high quality and naturally formulated products provide the essence of transforming your skin. Dr Howard Murad who started the first ever doctor developed skincare brand launched it in 1989. Ever since, the Murad range strives to create the best body and face care regimes consisting of only natural ingredients. In total they have complied over 15 different patented formulas, proving just how effective and innovative Dr Murad and his team are.

From cleansers, moisturisers and supplements through to anti ageing, cellulite, acne and spot solutions, Murad has something to suit everyone. The extensive research into their products, over 50 years in fact, has allowed them to develop high performance skincare products; offering you experience and quality like no other. Murad products are so highly sort after that many celebrities have used the range to help them overcome skin care issues. One of the great things about Murad products is that they are all composed of natural ingredients; therefore as long as you aren’t allergic to any they should offer you a gradual and healthy solution to boosting your skins condition.

Differentiating yourself from the current skincare market is a tough job but the Murad range has done just that, through a few key simple guidelines and principles. What makes Murad different from other brands is the fact that their entire range is completely natural and have been carefully formulated over years of extensive research. What’s more, each range has been developed to be easy to apply and comes in 3 easy to follow steps: cleanse, treat and moisturise. You could say that it isn’t the market that differentiates Murad, but their product line alone.

Dr Murad has perfected his array of skincare products through decades of research to help your body, look and feel at its best always. The ultimate result of all his hard work is very simple; it’s that enviable Murad Glow now available just for you.