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Since 2012, Kerafiber has been offering a complete hair loss solution using unique hair building fibres. Its success has caught the attention of the media, including the BBC and The Sun newspaper. It aims to thicken the appearance of hair by using natural keratin proteins, which work to restore your confidence without draining your wallet for natural looking hair thickness.

KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers

If you want to have fuller and thicker looking hair, then look no further. The KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers can effortlessly transform you hair appearance. Available in 2 sizes and 9 colours!

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KeraFiber Hair Thickening Shampoo

Can be used by men and women to help fight back against hair loss. Use this shampoo alongside KeraFiber Hair Thickening Conditioner for best results.

KeraFiber Hair Thickening Conditioner

A formula rich in keratin proteins to maintain that your future hair growth is strong. Use with the KeraFiber Hair Thickening Shampoo for best results.

KeraFiber Hair Spray

Apply after using the Hair Fibers to lock in the fibers. In doing so you can maintain fuller and thicker looking hair for longer. Use this to make it resistant to wind, rain and even perspiration.

KeraFiber Applicator

The KeraFiber Applicator is a simple to use attachment for the KeraFiber fiber bottles. When used it helps to evenly distribute the proteins of fiber of your hair.


Media coverage

The originality and rapid success of the Kerafiber products has caused a frenzy of media coverage and interest due to the innovative nature of the brand. The media interest includes the likes of the BBC, Elle, The Sun, GQ, The Metro and the Daily Mail, to name a few. The speed of results is one of the key reasons for the success of this brand. The fibres work by adhering to your hair strands, concentrating on thickening and maximising their size individually.

Reliable brand

Take the quick, easy and simple route to restoring fuller looking hair and confidence. Kerafiber has been enlightening the lives of thousands of people suffering with hair loss since its launch in 2012. They have successfully developed natural solutions in their base Miami, USA for hair care products that have proven to be a global success. Hair loss is a common concern for many men, women and young adults, however this doesn’t make it easy to cope with. Being happy with your appearance is important and Kerafiber combines science with innovation to produce products to help you to be so. KeraFiber offers shampoos, hair sprays and unique fibers, which overcome hair loss problems quickly and safely.

Active Ingredients

An important ingredient in this brands products is keratin. This component builds the hair from the inside out and repairs the hair roots. Avocado oil contains unsaturated fatty acids and support; for example, in KeraFiber Hair Conditioner it helps to compact the structure of the hair. All other ingredients used have all been selected to promote the re-growth of hair.

Free your hair with KeraFiber!

Keratin proteins are mostly what our hair is actually composed of, it is these that maintain the thickness and sheen and are present in the Kerafibers formulas. They work to benefit and enhance your hair in the safest and most natural way. When it comes to restoring fuller looking hair time is of the essence. This brand has been formulated with every lifestyle in mind and doesn’t hang around when producing results for thicker looking hair.

The entire range covers various hair colours and can be mixed and matched to achieve your perfect blend. It offers the ultimate alternative to extreme and expensive methods such as hair transplants. Kerafiber offers a proven method alongside multiple videos demonstrating just what they are capable of achieving. Assuring you that the difference can be made, just how you want it to be.

No artificial additives and no side effects

All products from KeraFiber contain natural ingredients and are completely safe to use. The products of KeraFiber are also free of silicones, sulphates and parabens. Thus, your hair can be fuller and thicker naturally.

Visible results

Due to the natural composition of KeraFiber products can vary though, but most customers tell us first visible improvements in six to eight weeks and almost instantaneously when they use the fibers!

If you’re looking to safely, speedily and naturally restore the fullness of your hair then check out the Kerafiber range today. You can benefit from our next day delivery to reveal thicker looking hair you can be proud of.