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Looking for protection with a difference? EXS has a large and diverse range of luxury condoms that will suit every taste. Whether you’re looking to enhance your sex life, have a little extra fun or simply just stay safe, EXS condoms offer more than enough variety to give you what you need.

  • 100% natural latex condoms.
  • With gentle silicone-based lubricant.
  • FDA & NHS certified.
  • Reliably safe.
  • 10 different models and flavours to choose from.
  • Specially designed to fit easily and comfortably.
  • Can enhance sexual pleasure and performance.

All EXS condoms are carefully made from the finest quality natural latex and treated with a special silicone-based lubricant. The majority of condoms are completely taste and odour-free. EXS condoms take the mess and hassle out of staying safe.

What is EXS?

EXS is one of Britain’s most trusted and popular prophylactic and sexual health companies. As one of the largest suppliers of condoms to the NHS, the brand has come to represent safety and reliability. EXS Condoms are manufactured and tested in quality assured factories that are regularly inspected by the FDA, to ensure utmost customer comfort and safety. EXS Condoms are well known for their wide and diverse range.

Who are EXS Condoms made for?

EXS Condoms cater for everyone. There are a range of sizes, flavours and styles to ensure that everyone can get the most out of EXS. These condoms may be especially useful for those who have previously experienced problems finding a condom that fits correctly. Sick of condoms slipping off? Sick of condoms feeling uncomfortably tight? EXS condoms might just be perfect for you.

What models can I choose from?

EXS Snug Fit

These snug-fit condoms are a little tighter than your average condom, making them easier to put on and reducing the risk of them falling off during sex.

EXS Ribbed, Dotted & Flared

These offer extra pleasure to both you and your partner. They are also reliably safe and lubricated.

EXS Regular

These regular fit condoms offer full protection and lubrication. They are designed to be a little more spacious, ensuring comfort for both you and your partner.

EXS Rainbow Flag/Pride

Designed around the Gay Pride flag, these condoms offer users safety and comfort with a little extra extravagance

EXS Glow in the Dark/Luminous

Have fun and light up the bedroom with these cheeky luminous condoms.

EXS Girls Mix

This ladies’ multipack contains 12 condoms featuring 4 feminine designs.

EXS Extra Safe

Made with extra-thick and durable natural latex, these condoms can provide extra safety and reliability without reducing feeling.

EXS Bubblegum

Enriched with the smell and taste of bubblegum, these flavoured condoms can work wonders on the senses whilst enhancing pleasure for you and your partner.

EXS Black Fantasy

This odour and taste-free condom is formulated from attractive black natural latex for a little extra spice.

EXS Air Thin

These super-thin condoms are amongst the thinnest on the market. They can enhance a lifelike feeling whilst remaining completely safe for use during intercourse.

How can I order these condoms?

Ordering with ShytoBuy is quick and easy. Simply select the 'Add to Basket' option and follow the steps to checkout.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* Perfecto. Good fun

* Top dollar. Oh yes!

* I don't usually like using condoms as I think that many can take away feeling during sex. I was pleasantly surprised by these EXS condoms as I barely noticed them during intercourse. Worked well for me anyway.

* Nice, easy fit. Comfortable and not too much feeling on the penis. I chose the extra light option and was not disappointed.

* As you can tell from my name, I LOVE condoms. The EXS condoms are fun, safe and reliable. I went for the luminous ones. Great fun. Will try again, but next time I think I will go for the black latex option.