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EID Erection Inducer Device


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Improve the strength and stamina of your erections with the EID Erection Inducer Device. This device is a pump that is made for men who find it hard to either get or maintain a strong enough erection to perform penetrative sexual activities. The great thing about the EID is that it can offer you both short and long-term results.

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  • Designed for men who struggle with erection problems
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The device works by creating a vacuum around your penis. This penis then helps to draw more blood to the penis for longer lasting and stronger erections. Order your today by 4pm on any working day for next day plain and discreet delivery.

Product Features
Type : Pump

What is the EID Erection Inducer Device?

The EID is a vacuum erection pump that can be used from the comfort and discreetness of your own home. The device is primarily for men who suffer from mild impotency and those who struggle to keep an erection for a long time. With regular use you are able to achieve more spontaneous erection so you can be ready for wherever the moment takes you.

How does the EID work?

To first understand how the device works, we must understand what creates an erection in the first place. The first port of call is a mental signal that your brain sends. This triggers an influx of blood to your penis. It is this blood in your penis that gives you an erection. The more blood and the longer it stays there ensure how hard and how long you have an erection for.

So now we know how we get an erection, we can talk about how the Erection Inducer Device works. The cylinder you place your penis in creates a safe and comfortable vacuum around your penis. This vacuum draws more blood to the penis. In doing so and with regular use, the blood will stay in the penis for longer ensuring you are able to get and maintain erections for longer.

How do I use it?

It is very simple to use. Begin by placing your penis in the cylinder at a downward angle and then create a seal with your body and the cylinder. Begin to pump to create a vacuum ensuring you are in no discomfort. Pause for 10-20 seconds in between each pump. Leave on for approximately 45 minutes before releasing.

By regularly stimulating your blood flow you can recondition your penile tissues. This is because fresh, oxygen rich blood can provide essential nutrients and chemicals which are essential to improving your erectile function.

When can I start to see results?

When used regularly and as advised, you can start seeing results within 8 weeks. This is just a rough estimate and for optimal results you should continue using the device for at least 3 months.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* i was skeptical before buying this. but heard good about the site and its product. shopping experience was nice and the product works well.

* I needed something for getting decent erection. Viagra gave me headache and nausea. then my wife showed me this site and we decided to go for this device. i must say i like the way it works on me. gives me hard and long erection. will recommend it to my friends