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When you think of condoms, the Durex brand name most likely springs to mind. That’s because with over 75 years of experience, Durex condoms have set the standard in safety, comfort and pleasure.

Durex Extra Safe Condoms

Durex Extra Safe Condoms are made slightly thicker than normal condoms for added security and piece of mind. Made using only high quality materials, it's safe to use and still allows for maximum feeling and sensation for both partners.

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms

Ribbed and dotted on the exterior and well lubricated on the inside. This magical combination makes the Durex Pleasure Me Condoms a must have for all.

Durex Thin Feel Condoms

Durex Thin Feel Condoms are made thinner than other condoms. This means that you and your partner are able to ensure that any and all sexual feeling are kept results in mutual sexual satisfaction.

CoolMann Delay Gel & Durex Extra Safe Pack

This premature ejaculation gel has now teamed up with durex to bring you a great combo pack. Enjoy longer lasting and safe sex with the CoolMann Delay gel and Durex Extra Safe condoms.


Whether it’s condoms or indeed sexual products, such as lubricants, that you think of it’s more than likely that the Durex brand name is one that will cross your mind. It has been at the forefront of male contraception for over 80 years now and will continue to be there for much longer. As products go, the Durex range has almost become a household name and it only uses the finest of raw ingredients to generate exceptional results. Their value of how safe sex can be enjoyable is well in tune with ours, which is why ShytoBuy is a proud retailer of this effective range.

Comfort, safety and pleasure are three terms that Durex itself stands by and it’s with this philosophy that they have become so successful and desirable, helping them to build up a strong and reliable customer base. Not only are all the condom varieties dermatologically tested but if during testing they do not meet acceptable standards than a whole batch of up to 432,000 condoms will not leave the factory.

They have developed an entire range that exceeds international standards, which demand that a condom should hold 18 litres of air in an ‘air burst test’. This is where condoms will typically expand to hold an impressive 40 litres of air without bursting. To ensure further quality, measures like filling condoms with water to ensure they don’t leak are carried out in an impressive 2 million tests a month on the Durex range. Such vigorous testing can leave you rest assured that safety is taken seriously. Aspects such as research, experience and innovative design have all contributed to the way we feel, look and have sex.

Not only does the Durex range push the boundaries of product testing, but they are also continually undertaking research projects and keeping an eye out for new way to improve their products. Spotting trends in behaviour very often leads to new product areas and ideas. This kind of extensive research puts Durex products in the forefront in both safety but also the ability to support more pleasurable and intimate sex, not to mention the ability to make both partners feel more at ease. Sexual pleasure is often a key part of many peoples lives and now more so than ever there is variety and choice of products to chose from to enhance it in many ways. These include the Durex range, which can focus on making those fun and intimate times that little bite extra special and exciting. It’s well known that teenage pregnancies and young pregnancies are on the rise, which is often the result of not carrying out safe sex, Durex products aim to promote safe sex and so do we.

If there is one brand you can trust then this is it and has been used by millions world wide. Join them today and explore our Durex range of condoms.