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Durex Extra Safe Condoms


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Make your sex even safer and more enjoyable with Durex Extra Safe. This range of condoms is made from slightly thicker rubber latex in order to provide added reassurance during sex. They also have additional lubrication to reduce the chance of any friction between you and your partner.

  • Formula is pleasantly scented and contains no latex smell
  • Provides extra lubrication to ensure intense pleasure
  • The lubrication contains spermicide for extra protection
  • Easy-on shape for additional comfort
  • Comes in a handy pack of 14- so you won’t be caught short
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery

Durex Extra Safe have been developed to have a wider base, this makes them even easier to put on. For your additional protection, and comfort, they have been created with spermicidal lubricant containing nonoxynol, to further ensure that your protection yet won’t compromise your sexual pleasure.

Product Features
Type : Condom Quantity : 14 Condoms

Why should I choose Durex Extra Safe condoms?

Durex is a well-known and reputable brand; sort after for its reliable and high quality contraceptives. They have been manufacturing for over 80 years, the 2nd biggest seller in the US and the largest brand in the UK. You can guarantee that the Durex Extra Safe range will adhere to vigorous quality control testing to give you the best reassurance in safety and effectiveness. Their successful release in the United Kingdom and America has boosted the positive awareness about the different contraceptive methods for adults and teenagers.

How safe are Durex Extra Safe condoms?

Durex Extra Safe condoms offer one of the highest levels of protection against STD’S and unwanted pregnancy. They are 98% effective and can significantly reduce the chances of you contracting or spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Such diseases can include Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and AIDS.

Are they easy to put on?

In short, yes they are. Did you know that Durex Extra Safe condoms have a patented easy-on design? This means that you and your partner can still enjoy the intimacy of sex without the worry of it being interrupted. As many of you will understand, fiddling with a condom that is difficult to unravel is a far cry from being ‘sexy’ and can often spoil the mood. Awkwardness and anxiousness can both have the potential to deter you or your partner from having sex. Durex Extra Safe condoms are also made with a pleasant sweet scent that helps overcome any unsavoury latex smell.

* The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* durex is the only condom i trust and shytobuy is the only website i trust

* discreet delivery as promised. great website, nice product