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Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner


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Does acne leave your skin red, raw and inflamed? Improve the look of your skin with the help of Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner. It has been designed with a one of a kind formulation that is known to support skin renewal, unclog pores and tackle impurities. As a result, acne breakouts could be fought off quickly, leaving your complexion looking clearer and more purified.

  • Can fight the main symptoms of acne
  • Shown to support skin renewal, which could you a brighter complexion
  • Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner helps prevent future acne outbreaks
  • Known to get to work as soon as you start using it
  • Have you got sensitive skin? This toner can be used on all skin types
  • Designed to balance oil production, meaning your skin could be clearer

Do you reach for the make up brush every time acne breaks out? You might not have to if you use Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner. This naturally made, light liquid can sooth the redness and irritation of acne, while at the same time working to unclog your blocked pores. This could transform the appearance of your skin, helping it to look smoother and softer.

Product Features
Size : Toner Type : 120ml

What is Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner?

This anti blemish toner is the second product out of a range of three that is developed to calm the irritation and redness that is known to accompany acne breakouts. This particular product has been created to help reduce the size of your pores, combat impurities and promote skin renewal. This can allow your complexion to look healthier and clearer again.

How does Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner work?

Unlike other similar toners that you might have used in the past, this one makes use of completely natural ingredients in order to refresh and renew your skin. The formula is packed with plant-based components that have been shown to help unclog pores and can work to bust impurities.

As well as this, the ingredients have been chosen because they are known to endorse skin renewal. This means that your rough and uneven skin could be an embarrassing problem of the past.

What are the ingredients of this anti blemish toner?

As already mentioned, Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner is made with natural ingredients. Some of the extracts and acne busting elements include:

Salicylic Acid: You don’t need to be concerned about an acid being included in the formula as it is naturally occurring and therefore should be totally safe for your skin. It has been reported that Salicylic Acid can work to reduce redness and begin to unblock pores.

Rosemary Extract: You might be able to limit bacterial inflammation with this extract, which has links to acne breakouts.

Chamomile Extract: Chamomile is featured in the Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner formula as it is known to maintain skin smoothness.

Witch Hazel: Not only can this ingredient quickly settles into the skin, it can also cleanse the skin and alleviate any irritations you may be experiencing.

How to use

If you would like to get the most out of Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner, it is recommended that you tone your skin beforehand. We recommend that you do this with the cleanser from Clearogen, as the products are designed to complement one another.

Once you have cleansed, apply this anti blemish toner to all areas you wish to target, massaging it into skin. After toning, it is advised that you then use the Clearogen lotion in order to help purify and rejuvenate your skin even further.

Are there any side effects?

You should not experience any unwanted effects when using Clearogen Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner. This being said, you should conduct a patch test on the back of your wrist before using the product to make sure you are not allergic to the formula.

How to order?

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* The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* my skin feels so fresh after using this and it also feels very clean